Advertise targets an intelligent readership interested in national and international politics, business, economics, and developments in science and technology. We generate roughly 1.5 millionĀ ad impressions per month across 12 slots from over 120,000 page views. Dozens of articles posted daily to our 90K+ social media followers keeps valid reader traffic flowing at an average of 5 pages viewed per visit. You can see last month’s stats below. Feel free to roam the site and find out more about us in the Learn More menu at the top of the page to see why our niche following is so loyal.


Median Age: 47

Median HI: $86K

Gender: F 49% M 51%

Political Affiliation:

Democrat: 38%
Republican: 31%
Independent: 18%
Other/Undisclosed: 13%

Past industry demographics are not a guarantee of future identical readership. These numbers are compiled from readership polls and other volunteered information by subscribers/registered users of this site and third parties providing specialty content.

Ad Basics

All ads are served in rotation with a limited advertiser pool per space to ensure the best combination of visibility and affordability. All ad spaces are responsive. Average impressions in a standard slot purchase are estimated at 10,000 minimum per month with an average CTR of .68%. You can increase that by reserving multiple slots in the same rotation, cutting down the total number of advertisers in that space and increasing your visibility.

Ad Pricing


The leaderboard is the banner ad at the top of every page. It has the highest visibility of any ad space, as it’s seen in every page view whether the reader scrolls down through the rest of the content or not.


Per slot: $45/month
Est CPM: $4.50/1000


Width: 728 px
Height: 90 px

Inline Text

Survey after survey shows banner ads within the actual content of an article are not only ignored, but are annoying to the majority of readers. We offer one simple text ad within each article that blends with the user’s reading and is short enough not to be a purposely avoided nuisance. An example is below. Your company name and a tagline is followed by “Is A Sponsor.” Believe it or not, readers are more likely to be curious about who’s sponsoring their content than they might be in what could look like just another Google ad interrupting their reading. This is an effective placement if you’ve got a short message, and the visibility is second only to the leaderboard position.


Per Slot $40/month
Est CPM: $4.00/1000


Width: Max 35 characters
Height: 2 lines


Sidebar ads have four positions. For smaller and vertically viewed tablets and phones, these ads will move under the article content area. Your standard 160 x 600 banner works well in these spaces. If you would like to use a standard 300 x 600 banner, it will be dynamically resized to fit the space, usually at about 260px wide. Custom sizes in between are welcome.


Top Per Slot: $35/month
Est CPM: $3.50/1000

2nd Per Slot: $30/month
Est CPM: $3.00/1000

3rd Slot Flat: $25/month
Est CPM: $2.50/1000

4th Slot Flat: $20/month
Est CPM: $2.00/1000


Width: 160 to 300 px
Height: Up to 600 px


The footer position offers a Featured Sponsor text link. While not as highly visible, it offers the weight of sponsorship and it’s free! All packages above include a complementary rotating footer listing.


Per Slot: $0/month
Est CPM: $0/1000


Width: Max 22 characters
Height: 1 line


We offer pricing adjustments for:

  • Multiple Slot Reservations
  • Contracts of 3 months or longer.

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